In a time and age where science and technology inform both space missions as well as architectural constructions on earth, one wonders what the role of the architect is or should be, in both territories. Together with the students of architecture at Lund we will focus on space, an exo-landscape which is as young as it is challenging, rich in potential and limited by the harshest of environments.

We will develop a critical perspective of the traditional typologies used so far, to be able to respond to a future full of ambitions. The course will engage architectural design with existing and real scenarios suggested by NASA experts, whether in orbit or in micro gravity environments. The aim, as well as NASA’s interest in the course, is not to turn the student into a space engineer, but quite the opposite, to engage the students into opening up for visions and alternatives to the existing proposals, and how can the knowledge accumulated at NASA inform architecture on Earth

The course will travel to Houston, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where we will have unprecedented access to experts and engage in a 3 week workshop.

More at the AAD Architecture and the Extreme Environment Course website.